B12 opens its archives


B12 Records have announced plans to re-open their archives as part of a seven volume series which will include every track ever released on the label between 1990 and 2007.

The 98 track "Archive" series will compile every rare vinyl EP and limited CD bonus track all fully digitally re-mastered, as well as 27 previously unreleased bonus tracks put out by the label, which was run by Mike Golding and Steve Rutter.

Volume 1 collects the first two releases on B12 Records, catalogue numbers B1201, (originally released on vinyl September 1991) and B1202 (released January 1992). These first two EP's introduce Golding and Rutter, whose early work under the name B12 represents the roots of British techno.

CD1 contains the Musicology EP, which includes "Telephone 529" and "Obsessed," two tracks later included on the Warp album Electro Soma, while CD2 sees Golding and Rutter's music take on an obsession for outer space and futuristic time travel. Both contain unreleased bonus tracks.

CD1 of Volume 2, meanwhile, showcases the talents of other producers. Rare debut work from Zee Sharp (Matt Cogger), Future/Past and As One (Kirk Degiorgio) is on tap, with the second disc presenting Golding and Rutter once againâ??this time under the name Musicology. It was this later incarnation that first captured the attention of Warp Records. The lead track, "Premonition" later appeared on the first Artificial Intelligence compilation, which launched the notorious series.

B12 Records Archive Volume 1
CD 1
01. Metropolis
02. Obsessed
03. Fear of Expression
04. Telefone 529
05. Ming (Previously Unreleased)
06. Eiyla (Previously Unreleased)

CD 2
01. Space Age
02. Rings of Saturn
03. Future Bass Seven
04. Weightless Condition
05. Donâ??t Always Look at the Rain (Previously Unreleased)
06. Colloid (Previously Unreleased)

B12 Records Archive Volume 2
01. Future/Past - Dance Intellect
02. Zee# - TV People
03. As One - Our Paths Meet
04. As One - Harmony Park
05. As One - Your Hand in My Mind

01. Preminition
02. Unknown Future
03. Bubbles
04. Virtual Reality
05. Kaxaia-80 (Previously Unreleased)
06. Interlopa (Previously Unreleased)

B12 Records will release Volume 1 on November 17, 2008; Volume 2 on December 15, 2008.

Source: www.residentadvisor.net