Azax Syndrom, Bliss - Round 2


Drive records proudly present Azax Syndrom vs. Bliss - Round 2.After the stunning success of 'Round 1', these two top notch producers meet again to grant us this beautiful master-piece in the form of 9 previously unreleased dancefloor knock-outs.
Regev Azaria (aka Azax Syndrom) and Yonatan Marcow (aka Bliss) need no introduction. These two world known producers are considered by many to be the best thing that happened to electronic music since the invention of the computer. With an endless amount of dance mega-hits, Azax and Bliss have always pushed the envelope a little bit further.

The second collision of these two masterminds is bound to make each dance music lovers life a slightly better one. 'Round 2' is all about power, beauty and exploration. Unforgettable melodies, killer beats and ultra sophisticated arrangements all make this album to be the natural candidate for the best dance release of 2011.

So, let's get in the ring with Azax and Bliss. It's time for Round 2!


1. Fight no more - AZAX VS BLISS 
2. Stolen Mind - BLISS 
3. The Truth - AZAX SYNDROM 
4. Tam Tam - AZAX VS BLISS 
5. Abed 51 - BLISS 
6. Imaginary Friends - (Azax rmx)TALAMASCA VS. SKAZI 
7. The Bomb - AZAX VS BLISS 
8. Another Visitor - AZAX SYNDROM 
9. Warriors - BLISS