Azax Syndrom, Bliss - Round 1 (CD)


Azax Syndrom, Bliss - Round 1 (CD) Drive Records is delighted to present its newest projection this time from mega star producers Azax Syndrom and Bliss Round 1.

What happens when 2 accomplished producers such as Azax Syndrom and Bliss, unite? Magic. In the form of 9 roaring new tracks In order to set this album apart from yet another collaboration based album, present a more personal and valuable touch, the duo cooked this clever concept featuring 3 collaboration tracks, 2 Solo Tracks each, and an additional remix track each produced for the other

The result is tremendous, a highly varied album 100% dance floor material and an exquisite product for the fans to enjoy.Azax Syndrom Vs. Bliss bout is game!

Round 1 declared!, Get Ready
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/23

1. War on the ground - AZAX SYNDROM VS. BLISS
2. Funksick - BLISS
3. Hokuto Shin Ken - AZAX SYNDROM
4. The better man - AZAX SYNDROM VS. BLISS
5. Flawless Victory - (Bliss rmx)AZAX SYNDROM
6. Sinner Bee - (Azax Syndrom rmx)BLISS
7. Psycho Madness - AZAX SYNDROM VS. BLISS
8. Live or die - AZAX SYNDROM
9. Zero Hour - BLISS