Avalon - Distant Futures (CD)


Avalon - Distant Futures (CD) 'Distant Futures is the debut album from the highly regarded and very talented Leon Kane.Also a former member of RealityGrid on Wildthings records, he is no new comer on the scene.
Having played in over 20 countries at some of the biggest festivals worldwide like Tribe, Glade, Universo Paralello and Burning man, Avalon has gained experience from some of the best. His unique style is captured right from track one and takes you on a rip-roaring, mind-melting journey. The Avalon sound is full on with expertly implied melodies, driving basslines, hard hitting percussion and evocative sound design. All resulting in a top-class album, sure to be marked as a 'classic' Trance album for the rest of time.

Not only has Avalon put down some massive solo tunes that are sure fire winners for 'Distant Futures', but he has also got the nod from some of the UK's biggest producers such as Tristan, Dickster and Cosmosis who have in turn collaborated with him on tracks for this amazing debut album. Added to all this is some supreme mastering by famed Israeli producer Ido Ophir aka Domestic, ensuring a sound that will literally blow everyone away. Get ready!


1. Play it Bahia2. Into the new world - (vs Dickster)3. Teleporter4. Destiny awaits - (vs Cosmosis, Avalon rmx)5. Funky Voodoo - (vs G-nome)6. Out There7. Another Planet - (vs Tristan)8. Swamp Funk9. Distant Futures10. Opus Pokus

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