Audiotec - Artrance (CD)


Audiotec - Artrance (CD) Audiotec's 3rd Studio Album. Soon available at Psyshop.comThe phenomenal success of Audiotec (Israeli-born Miki Damski) with 'The Magic of Love' and 'Freak Show' on Utopia Records, brought a lot of attention to this multifaced talent and highly sought-after DJ artist.
'Freak Show', Autiotec's anticipated second album, picks up where 'Magic' left off. It is a brilliant result of an intense year-long process of writing and producing while rocking Trance festivals all over Europe, Brazil and Japan.

'Artrance' fabulously unique and powerful energy, which is characterized by an especially potent full-on style, features nine carefully selected tracks, including explosive collaborations with Apocalypce, Perlook, Ananda Shake, Faders and Stereomatic.


1. Artrance 
2. Sextival 
3. Distorted Mind - (Audiotec vs Apocalypce) 
4. Modern Music - (Audiotec vs Perlook) 
5. The lest first born - (Audiotec rmx) 
6. Jumper - (Audiotec vs Ananda Shake) 
7. Flash Forward 
8. World of fantazy - (Audiotec vs Faders) 
9. The sound of goodbye - (Audiotec vs Stereomatic)