Audiopathik - Over the Edge (CD)


The masters are back again proving once again to the world why they are a top class act.The creators of one of the most demented and twisted psychedelic trance out there are back with their second album titled 'Over the Edge', featuring brilliant collaborations with well-establshed acts such as Naked Tourist and Ghreg on Earth.
Time well spent in the studio has given birth to their evolved unique style as well as deep innovation on production both in composition and in sound making this album a must have.

Audiopathik has created a wide spectrum of styles fusing several electronic music genres in each track to please the voyagers experience. Get ready for unparalleled imagination, well placed harmonies and a variety of sonic flavors to certainly engage and entertain. If you are trying to go beyond the average trance, then here it is.

The kinda sound that will keep you coming back for more by crossing the standards and above your expectations to take you Over The Edge.


1. Audiopathik on Earth - Are you exprienced? - AUDIOPATHIK 
2. Subspace Frequencies - AUDIOPATHIK 
3. The Power Stomp - AUDIOPATHIK 
4. Majestical - AUDIOPATHIK 
6. Outer Limits - AUDIOPATHIK 
7. Trubadour of conscious - AUDIOTOURIST 
8. Space Time - AUDIOPATHIK 
9. Teethgrinder - AUDIOPATHIK