Audiomatic - Weekend Society


It ain't always easy, living on that ocean called everyday life.There are times we are afraid of drowning in its unfavourable grey tides and then again there is a dead calm with apparently nothing happening at all.
This it is good to know that we can land at exotic islands from weekend to weekend. As soon as we set our feet ashore, the sky brightens and our faces are illuminated by colourful lights and we see all the people we have grown fond of.

This Weekend Society is kept together by a rolling, organic groove. Rich offbeat basses create a perfidious suspense between weightlessness and gravity, grinding but warm sound structures deliver varied associations for the dancing bodies and dreamy harmonies give impressions of extraterrestrial vastness.

The actual dramaturgy of Audiomatic's already third album evolves from a skilful play between calm, minimal parts and ecstatic take-offs. This exciting work is rounded off by a Downbeat track as well as two remixes and collaboration projects.


1. Asprovalta Calling - AUDIOMATIC 
2. Windows of our soul - AUDIOMATIC 
3. Give them free - (Audiomatic rmx)NEELIX 
4. Deep and pumping sound - AUDIOMATIC 
6. Flipping Switches - AUDIOMATIC 
7. The city in the city - AUDIOMATIC AND PHAXE 
8. Twin Peak - (Audiomatic rmx)DAY.DIN AND ALFREDO GARCIA 
9. Synthesized - AUDIOMATIC 
10. Q-Factor - AUDIOMATIC