Audio Hijack - Microwave Transmissions (CD)


Audio Hijack - Microwave Transmissions (CD) Right from the epicenter of Nutek Records in Barcelona, Luca Szekely a.k.a Audio Hijack, presents his own interpretation to modern morning open air sound.
Following a bunch of successful releases on various compilation releases, through established international labels, including, Materia Records, Chemical Crew, Nutek Records and more, we are proud to announce Audio Hijack's debut album release 'Microwave Transmissions'.

A fulfilling journey that will take you from the early hours of dawn, right till the happy morning when the sun will shine and the dance floor is at high energy.

The album can be best described as melodic, deep, energetic, psychedelic, and groovy. A high end product packed with motivation, innovation and drive. This remarkable set of original music includes collaborations with top international producers, Mekkanikka, Painkiller and Mad Maxx.

Get ready to be beamed into another dimension... get ready to be Hijacked...


1. Dow - (vs Mekkanikka)2. Low CBD3. Cloud 94. Impulse5. Mythic Significance - (vs Mad Maxx)6. Diffuse Memories7. H20 - (vs Painkiller)8. Overatio9. Microwave Transmission