Atomic Pulse - Anatomic


Planet B.E.N is proud to present you another monstrous release by legendary artist Atomic Pulse.
10 previous unreleased tracks of psytrance with its most dynamic and explosive way for what you know Atmoic Pulse. After releases on well-known and established labels like Hommega, BNE/Yoyo, Spectrum, Agitato, TIP and many more, Atomic Pulse is better than ever.

With 'AnaTomic' he proofs why an artist of his kind is still on stage and touring the world.


1. Solar Flare - (Live mix)ATOMIC PULSE 
2. 3rd Eye - (Atomic Pulse rmx)GMS AND SPACE TRIBE 
3. New World Order III - ATOMIC PULSE 
4. AnaTomic - ATOMIC PULSE 
5. Spartan - ATOMIC PULSE 
6. Open Society - (Atomic Pulse rmx)ASTRAL PROJECTION 
7. Eaven and Earth - (Atomic Pulse rmx)ULTRAVOICE AND INDRA 
8. AnaMorph - ATOMIC PULSE 
9. Unknown Strings - ATOMIC PULSE 
10. Existence - ATOMIC PULSE