Atmos - Tour de Trance (CD)


Atmos - Tour de Trance (CD) Psyshop is proud to announce the long awaited new Atmos album. There have been numerous speculations about the new Atmos album and it has been delayed for what seems like an eternity. Finally we can announce that Tomasz Balicki is back where he once started. Spiral Trax will be releasing the new album, Tour de Trance, right before the Christmas craze!

The CD version will contain nine brand new and exclusive tracks in Digipak packaging.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Stay Awake
2. Skintrade
3. 46 DAZ
4. To what my mind attend
5. Ride The Flow
6. Nick of Time
7. Power On
8. Into The Groove
9. Jellybean