Asura - 360 (CD)


Charles Farewell aka Asura opens two outstanding chapters in his musical odyssey with '360', a powerful cinematic Downtempo album which captures and enhances the essence of the original Asura sound with its slow grooving rhythms, entrancing melodies, deep flowing pads and ethnic instrumentations.
This fourth album from Asura will stand as the coming out of Charles Farewell as an incredible composer of overlapping ambient genres, from ecstatic to chilled, groovy to uplifting, he offers the audience a wide open musical journey with finely chiseled orchestrations and a strong sense of space and timelessness.

Mostly instrumental, the album offers a sublime vocal introduction courtesy of Ayten and discreet voice overs from the artist.

'360' is a lively and attractive record which presents three years of sound modeling, synth programming and deep immersion in multi-layered soundscapes. Peaceful and majestic.


1. El Hai - (featuring Ayten) 
2. Regenesis 
3. Altered State - (Album edit) 
4. Atlantis Child 
5. Erase 
6. Halley Road 
7. Longing for silence 
8. Getsemani 
9. Le Dernier Voyage 
10. Virgin Delight