Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination 2


Altar Records proudly presents 'Fruits of the Imagination 2' the new AstroPilot psychill album.
Dmitriy's first album, 'Fruits of the Imagination', was a great success in 2007 and after an excursion into the depths of the Universe in early 2010 with his album 'Solar Walk' and his 3rd album 'Here and Now', he's back with a new album to celebrate the new year 2012.

Thanks to the new skills he experienced over the years in composition, mixing and mastering, AstroPilot gave a second breath to the original tracks by improving and revisiting them from a to z.

But this album is not just a rediscovery, it is much more than that...

Dare entering Astropilot's fantastic and imaginative world!


1. Arimoya2. Sansara3. Enigmatic Hieroglyph4. The green eyes mystery5. Touch of heaven6. Arambol7. Love each day8. Hello Tomorrow9. Life Lines10. Asian Express11. Siberian Spring