AstroNivo - Instrumental Value (CD)


AstroNivo - Instrumental Value (CD) AstroNivo is an electronic phenomenon created by Guy Astrogano and Niv Konforty from Israel.After a random meeting in Tel Aviv these two musical talents have become inseparable, exploring and creating sophisticated electronic music. With a long experience of performing in different bands and many years of deep study of sound engineering, AstroNivo have managed to produce a series of highly successful releases on such high profile labels as Vapour, Sprout, Tribal Vision, Iboga, 303 Lovers, Omnis, Flow or Proton.
Here comes a long awaited debut album of the Israeli duo called 'Instrumental Value', blending the best elements from progressive, techno and trance into a unique sound which is going to burn the dancefloors around the world.


1. One to start 
2. It's all gone 
3. King Lighter 
4. Ah, Das ist gut 
5. Sexually Compulsive 
6. Pressing the Button 
7. Dancing Q 
8. Voc Ab 
9. Old Granny 
10. Reveal