Astral Waves - Magique


Zen returns in force with his second full-length Astral Waves release 'Magique'.Astral Waves aka DJ Zen of Altar Records is known for his 2007 release of 'Mystique' and having released numerous singles to well-known labels such as Altar, Peak, Sellaband, Sunline, Suntrip Records, and YSE over the past decade.
Zen takes years of growth and experience paired with much valued input from talented artists such as Vibrasphere, Astropilot, CJ Catalizer, Suduaya, Zymosis, and Tentura and puts his evolved skills and knowledge to work remixing original tracks supplied by these artists.

'Magique' is comprised of eight tracks. Each is reworked from top to bottom including the use of live drum samples taken in his studio and the lovely voice of Iz. This long awaited album is sure to please a wide spectrum of music lovers, from ambient chillers to psychedelic and progressive heads! Enjoy!


1. Momenta2. Across the universe3. I'll be there4. Between life and death5. Memories Maze6. Erosion7. Rainbow Streams8. Magic Species