Assault J. ,Peace K. - Persistent Psychedelic Particles


Mind Funk headquarters present you the next chapter in the unstoppable Mind Funk audio avalanche.Following up our last gut gushing release, which might have caused trembling limbs, shaking guts and bleeding eardrums, we at Mind Funk headquarters present you the next chapter in the unstoppable Mind Funk audio avalanche.
Once again we serve you a rather spicy and tasteful dish from the land of pizza, pesto, pasta and amp. This time highlighting two specific artists of our last 'Italian Instigators ' Part 01' release, who are now headlining this new astonishing disc full of mental mind altering data. Assault Junkies is the project of Andrea Lunghi a.k.a. 'Dust' and his fellow mobster Thomas Piscaglia a.k.a 'Peace Ka', both residing in the so-called 'Boot of Europe' and good friends for many years.

Their sonic adventures have been majorly inspired by the holy high of a sacred smoke and the luscious curves of the female flesh. By now this freaky and fruitful friendship has resulted in so many sensational sonic soundscapes, that we at Mind Funk Headquarters felt it as our solemn duty to present their debut album to the rest of our galactic region.

From the very first nano seconds, this cosmic couple shifts and shakes all living tissue straight out of Gaia's gravity field, leaving you gasping for your daily dose of oxygen and catapulting your guts and glory beyond infinite heights. Sonically surfing down the never ending time spirals, Andrea and Thomas are on a mission to morph every human ass into pure anti-matter.

Audio assault and musical mayhem is what these galactic gladiators are all abut and that's why this disc comes with a severe warning, not to be taken lightly. Synapses will snap, kneecaps do crack and butt holes often splatter into chaotic cosmic orbit while dancing to the dazzling sonic soundscapes of these two wicked youngsters. We warned you now, so do NOT complain at our expense when you find yourself wishing for a parental hug, your teddy bear and a warm cup of mother milk!


1. Trick on a Groupie - ASSAULT JUNKIES 
2. Drunkies - ASSAULT JUNKIES 
3. Inside Myself - ASSAULT JUNKIES 
4. Woofie Doofie - PEACE KA AND RADIOBABA 
5. Chica Apunalada - PEACE KA 
6. Psyning - PEACE KA 
7. Go-a-way - PEACE KA 
8. Asshole Junkies - ASSAULT JUNKIES 
9. Super Stretchy Pants - ASSAULT JUNKIES AND BOMBAX 
11. Assault Funkies - ASSAULT JUNKIES