Artsense - Prime (CD)


Artsense - Prime (CD) Blitz Studios are proud to present to you their latest psychedelic creation Vladislav Malkov aka Artsense. His high quality debut album titled Prime is certain to satisfy trance-lovers and party-goers worldwide!
The hottest new full on artist from Moscow stands differently from the rest of the Russian psytrance scene, and Blitz Studios are here to expose his young talent! Granted Russia is mostly famous for darkpsy. But as the manager of the label Dharma Kaya explains: Blitz Studios are more interested in delivering something fresh and exciting to the audience rather than same old same old Russian trance...

So we are hitting you with something different this time - new skool Russian power full on! Prime features a healthy variety of interesting sub-genres as well as remixes and VS tracks with established and highly respected artists such as Mekkanikka, Bliss, ITP and Synsun. High end production, killah mastering and first-rate music will surely get your feet moving and your mind spinning! Dig In!


1. Infect2. Mushroom Cocktail3. Din Da Lama - (2010 Album Version)4. Screaming Heads5. Advertisement - (Artsense Rmx)6. Musicanical - (SynSUN vs Artsense Rmx)7. Prime8. Our World - (Artsense Rmx)9. Legatino Salsa