Artha - Influencing Dreams (CD)


Artha - Influencing Dreams (CD) Cronomi Records is proud and excited to present the first full-length album by Polish producer Artha.
For the last few years he has been teasing us all with occasional EP and compilation releases but now he unleashes the full force of his creativity on a world begging for music of substance. And what substance! Drivingly compulsive and intent on taking you places, this album has its roots deep in the early years of goa trance, with a flow and melodic exuberance not seen since the 90s. Artha's head is firmly in the twenty-first century however, and his production and sound design is as clean and intricate as the best of modern dance music.

This is music designed for travelling without moving, a dynamic and intensely psychedelic journey that picks you up and jams the doors of perception wide open before hurling you through. Artha doesn't hide his influences at all, and why should he; the scene has been asking for exactly this album since 1997. Today it seems only one man can provide the music so many have cried out for... Artha.

Let him influence your dreams.


1. Dubber Nubber2. Controlled - (Live Version)3. Chaos4. Saikol5. Mystic Change6. Vocal Distortion7. Bali8. Transfusion9. Insidelamp