Art 2 Heart - Evidance (CD)


Art 2 Heart - Evidance (CD) Art 2 Heart is a side project of the legendary Israeli dj Guy Sabbag and musician Arik Rudich.Avney Hachoshen Records presents Art 2 Heart 'Evidance'. Guy Sabbag was the first Israeli dj who played techno and Goa music. He started his career back in '89 and was involved in many projects around Israel, such as Trust in Trance, In Trance, Aquarius Twins and many others.
After a long break, Guy is back in business and together with Arik Rudich (an esteemed musician in Israel, involved in a large variety of new age and classical music projects) they created the 'Evidance' album.

'Evidance' is a world music album, where a fusion of ambient and chill out sounds is mixed with live instruments. Every track here has its own story to tell and they are all very unique and melodic. Recommend for every music lover.


1. Simple Wish 
2. Relatively Joy 
3. Hunch 
4. Sobriety 
5. Tree Of Life 
6. Tate Zise 
7. Border Line 
8. Requiem 2 Sadness 
9. Revelation 
10. Soretir 
11. Metaphor 
12. Understand