Argaman - My Little Forest (CD)


Argaman - My Little Forest (CD) Rarely in the electronic music world nowadays does an album come along that is so ground breaking and earth shattering, it renews the listener with a second wind of inspiration, enthusiasm, and vitality. And when it does, the amount of mediocrity one needs to sift through to discover it requires a metal detector and a sturdy mental shovel.

However, this album, 'My Little Forest', by Israeli producer and virtuoso Argaman, is the exception to this and so many other perceived rules. Having been playing and composing orchestral and classical music since the age of 6, by the time he reached adulthood, his highly sought after scores were being featured in box office films. Then, Argaman was introduced to electronic music, which completely distorted and revamped his perceptions.

His debut project album, 'My Little Forest', encapsulates a life of musical composition and arrangement which spans both decades and genres. This cornucopia of sound and style draws from a virtual buffet of instruments, both classical and digital, whose genre influences draw from IDM, dub, ambient and the classical training he received as a child. 'My Little Forest' is nigh indescribable using verbal vernacular. Although an attempt has been made to do so below, the best recommendation the reviewer can offer is to listen to yourself and learn why words simply don't do this ten track masterpiece of art justice. Afterwards, you will be telling your friends all about this amazing artist project as excitedly and kiddishly as the reviewer is as well.
Style: Ambient
Released: Sep. 2009/36

1. LSDing Camping2. You will see3. InHarmonic Symphony4. WierDUB5. Don't leave me alone6. The old times7. It's not for money8. The new vibe9. Concertina10. The Silence -