Anomalia - Pure Energy


Push Records proudly presents the new release from one of the best promising new artists Anomalia.Anomalia debut album 'Pure Energy', a masterpiece of an album. 10 Storming tracks to be guided through Psytrance, Fullon, Goa, Progressive, Darkpsy and twilight Psychedelic Trance.
Compiled from Japan by Dj Tripper, this opus gathered a fine selection of recognized international artists and will lead you through a loop of emotions by different music styles from our psychedelic magical world.


1. Dad Valve - DISTRICT 422. Moon Spirits - ALTERNATIVE CONTROL, RISING DAWN3. Ultranumb - ULTRAVOICE, NUMB4. Unified Quest - KINESIS5. 13th Friday - CHROMATONE, AUDIO UNIT6. Supersonic - (Polypheme rmx)DIGITAL SOUND PROJECT7. Liquid Symphony - VOYAGER8. Decoding Process - KINESIS, VOYAGER9. Pulse Fiction - ATOMIC PULSE10. Hammed Head - RIZO


1. Hukataka - ANOMALIA VS BOND2. To The Beat - ANOMALIA3. Dialogic - ANOMALIA VS BOND4. India Colors - ANOMALIA5. Desperado - ANOMALIA VS BOND6. Japanese - ANOMALIA7. Virus Calling - ANOMALIA8. Legand - ANOMALIA VS BOND9. Flash Is Open - ANOMALIA10. Pure Energy - ANOMALIA