Animalis - Sly Technology (CD)


Animalis - Sly Technology (CD) The massive debut full length album by Russian virtuoso electronic composer Animalis.Imagine that the human race is actually a highly tuned technological instrument complete with hidden codes written in our DNA.
This Sly Technology is the key to unlocking our many secrets! Animalis is Lazutkin Ilya and was born in Saratov, Russia in 1987. He has a diploma in music art. In childhood when he was 6, he began playing guitar. He finished musical school in 2003. Since the first time he had heard electro music in Moscow in 2005, and he started to experiment with the music. That was the ground for establishing his 'Electric Project'.

As a result of becoming more professional and skilled in music composing, Ilya has changed his project name to Animalis since October 2007. The tunefulness, power, energy and quality of his music as well as its unique style distinguish him from other Russian Psytrance artists. That is his music determines morning mood and hot night.


1. Inside In You2. Perfect Effect3. Sly Technology4. The Time Machine5. T. Monster6. The Silence7. Star Galaxy8. Countdown9. Sadness