Andromeda - Equilibrium


This release is definitely one of the most long awaited comebacks in the scene.Oh yes, the legendary Scandinavian progressive trance maestro Anders Nilsson aka Andromeda is back with a completely new and exciting solo album something that all his fans have been waiting for more than 5 years.
The album's symbolic title 'Equilibrium' shows that this music is capable of putting one's mind, ears, and body into a state of perfect balance, which will let you dance, dream, or meditate depending on what your senses dictate at that particular moment in time. Andromeda's music suits all these moments.

Anders presented us with a very well thought out and perfectly produced album full of deep progressive grooves, charming melodies, and beautiful dreamy vocals. There is no doubt that most of the tracks from this album will become dance floor anthems in the upcoming open air festival season and in the years to come. You were waiting for this masterpiece for so long, now at last grab your copy and fill yourself with love.


1. Equilibrium2. I'll Fly With You3. Tron Escape4. The Great Giana Sisters5. Inharmonic Symphony6. Temple Of Groove7. Thea Art Of Winne The Pooh8. Cruise Control9. Heart Of A Star