Ananda Shake - The World Is Yours (CD)


Ananda Shake - The World Is Yours (CD) Noga Records is delighted to announce its new installment for 2010.Coming right at you is the 4th album from the prominent duo Ananda Shake, the well known project of Osher Swissa and Lior Edery.
This new album brings forth new elements, new formulas of Full-on style of trance music, bringing in higher peaks than before encountered, driven by a pack of wild horses roaming vigorously through the mountains.

The name of this essential album, 'The World Is yours', reflects well on this albums content, and perfectly represents the thoughts, idea and motivation of Ananda Shake.

Ananda Shake: 'The clear option of granting our imagination to seize control, clearly grants us the simple option of taking control of our own personal world, the music is not only a tool, it acts as guidance, a headliner '.

'The World Is yours', another brilliant installment from Ananda Shake, a true collectors album, and a precious Dj tool


1. Scarface - ANANDA SHAKE 
2. Falapland - ANANDA SHAKE 
3. The World is Yours - ANANDA SHAKE 
4. Epic melodic - ANANDA SHAKE 
5. Ananda Shake's Radio - ANANDA SHAKE 
7. Jumper - ANANDA SHAKE 
8. Intresting Concepts - ANANDA SHAKE 
9. Dance - (Ananda Shake rmx)SESTO SENTO