Alwoods - Aeolian Mode


'Aeolian Mode' is an album full of soft driving beats wrapped in thick psychedelic auras that is perfect for stimulating the energies of a new day.
John Rigas (aka Alwoods) was drawn to psychedelic music when he began Djing more than a decade ago. Within the last three years John began pursing music production.

Learning to write, compose and studying the technology used to craft the sounds he was seeking. Over time his skills evolved and he began producing psytrance as Atreus.

Now John steps forward as Alwoods with 'Aeolian Mode'.

For this album, Alwoods draws inspiration from his love of nature, the elements, and his time spent in the Greek mountainside. Natural sounds, bright atmospheres, and pulsing energies create a wondrous audio experience that fuses morning sounds with deep ambience.


1. Natural Calling2. Voice Of Sherwood3. Near Light4. Psychedelic Dream5. Low Red Moon6. Sun Trap7. Samo8raki8. Kerkini Lake