Alternative Control - Alternating Current (CD)


Finally Alternative Control is back with a new full album.Goran and Rastko, the duo behind the project don't have to convince anyone anymore of their talent. After a successful first album, many compilations releases and co-operations with plenty of well known producers, the Serbians decided to steer their sound in a new direction.
On their long awaited second full album 'Alternating Current' they reinvented the Alternative Control sound, keeping their identity, but exploring new and exciting digital boundaries. With a broad range of bpm's, their aim is to please the general electronic music lover, and stimulate his senses in ways previously unthinkable. Top notch production is a given.

The album is dedicated to Serbian genius Nikola Tesla, one of the most exceptional minds ever to walk this planet! It will be released by Belgian label Dacru Records. Tasty stuff to please your ears


1. Repetitor 
2. Take no hook 
3. Bus Driver 
4. Carnival 
5. Alternating Current 
6. Purple 
7. Rising Down - (ft. Marco Ljujic and Ernest Velc) 
8. When you wake up 
9. Flirty