Alex Daf and Aedem - Prism (CD)


Split album 'Prism' is the first collaboration between Alexander and Konstantin.Alexander Ivanov (Alexander Daf) and Konstantin Terentyev (Aedem) are talented sound producers from Russia and Microcosmos label residents.
Alexander already released few tracks on well-known European net-labels. His debut full length album 'A Thousands Reasons to Be' was released by major American label System Recordings at the end of 2008. This album got lots of flattering responses and entered Beatport's Chillout Top 100. Nowadays Alexander regularly performs in clubs and participates in various festivals. Recently he produced new album in collaboration with British ambient-artist Matt Coldrick (Pan Electric). Konstantin Terentyev has classical music education (piano classes). He also studied audio engineering for several years. After many experiments with sound Konstantin found his own unique style. He begun perform live-acts and produce tracks under Medea (psychedelic trance) and Aedem (Ambient, Chillout) aliases.

Severe, finished with lots of details, this work is full of mystical tunes from the East and snowy melancholy vibes from the North; Album is saturated with soft enveloping melodies and made with combination of electronica and live instruments improvisation. This release completely proves it's name ' infinite versatility of 'Prism' attracts and gives an impulse to listener's hand to push 'repeat' button again and again.


1. Immersing - ALEXANDER DAF 
2. Radius - ALEXANDER DAF 
3. Sensuous - ALEXANDER DAF 
4. Some old depression - ALEXANDER DAF 
5. Rain in my head - AEDEM 
6. Wasteful Science - AEDEM 
7. Rise and Shine - AEDEM 
8. Aeration - AEDEM 
9. Blind Story - AEDEM