Aladiah - Nuclear Vision (CD)


Aladiah - Nuclear Vision (CD) Moon Spirits records is proud to introduce you to this first achievement for its big revival.Aladiah is a new French project of Damien Michenaud 26 years old. After some musical experiences with his friends Axone, Signs and Cryogenic, he founded his solo project in 2007 and he released his first tracks in 2009 on Iono music. Active member of the first Moon Spirits' team, he's now the label manager.
He let us discover his vision of psytrance music through his first album named 'Nuclear Vision' which will be the first release of Moon Spirits records' resurection.

Between Full-On and Progressive, he will offer you a trip through a mature production with light melodies and a dancefloor dynamic.

There' no doubt that his music will be played around the world by famous Dj's thanks to tracks like 'Salty Kiss' or 'Sex enhancer' which will delight the purists of Trance.

So... Are you ready for new moon's tales?


1. Cosmic Area 
2. Crystal Alchemy 
3. Unknown Expansion 
4. Alone with god 
5. Sex Enhancer 
6. Equinox 
7. Salty Kiss 
8. Lola's Dream 
9. Mektoub