Aladdin - Void Last Line (CD)


Aladdin - Void Last Line (CD) Aladdin is 28 year old (born 1980) Dj and producer Michael from Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. Aladdin started his career in 2000 and did his first trackrelease 'Cyborg Eye Of Mine' in 2003 on Swedish 'Creon Records'.
'Void Last Line' is the debut album from Aladdin and contains 10 mindblowing tracks filled with energy and uplifting basslines. Producing fullon as we know it with a touch of hardstyle, dance and Swedish crazyness Aladdin truly has a unique sound.

The album contains the track 'The Family Guy' which is a collaboration with swedenbased greek producer 'LSD', also known as 'Lazar' or 'Lucy In Space With Diamonds'.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/42

1. Arabian Nights - Aladdin
2. Soul Of A Worm - Aladdin
3. U Know This - Aladdin
4. Hard Coffee - Aladdin
5. Mysteria Lane - Aladdin
6. The Family Guy - Aladdin, Lsd
7. The Way Of The Fly - Aladdin
8. Quality Seconds - Aladdin
9. Outro - Aladdin
10. Bonustrack, 1994 - Aladdin, Brainfreeze