Akes - 2012 Remixes


'2012 Remixes' album is the premiere of Rodrigo Alves comes to mark all people around the world.
It is a warning to give, a story to tell and listen, full of energy and hope that we all need a time like this. For this, Rodrigo had 12 songs of well known projects in the world of psytrance, to remix, along with Mimic Vat and Nammah Ohm, and give new emphasis to the whole story.

From beginning to end, a incredible force is transmitted, psychedelic, highly penetrating. It marked the beginning of a new era and the end of many.


1. BandS - (Akes rmx)ELECTRYPNOSE 
2. Baka en kaka - (Akes rmx)WIZACK TWIZACK 
3. Sadjuuk Khar - (Akes and Mimic Vat rmx)DARK NEBULA 
4. Stoke of luck - (Akes rmx)TRYAMBAKA 
5. Brain Strech - (Akes rmx)KHAOS SEKTOR 
6. Mad monks reborn - (Akes and Nammah Ohm rmx)SILENT HORROR 
7. Pagan Orange - (Akes rmx)L.A.B. 
8. La lutte finale - (Akes rmx)KARASH 
9. Time's Up - (Akes rmx)DARK ELF 
10. Anima Sola - (Akes rmx)PALEX VS INTEKSHINE 
11. Andromeda - (Akes rmx)HYDRUS 
12. Beat that Pedo Grandpa - (Akes rmx)JESUS RAVES

Source: www.psyshop.com