AirNaN - Breathe In


FreeAnce proudly presents AirNaN's long awaited Debut Album - Breathe In!After almost ten years as DJ Eclypso, a dazzling bright career as Mindelight, and a very promising first two years as leader and founder of FreeAnce. Hernan Arber presents his First Solo Album in his most developed Musical State of Mind: Airnan - Breathe IN!
Breathe In is the best definition of AirNaN's new Style, where Deep and Majestic Progressive meets Driving and Uplifting Electro-Trance. Breathe In is a varied album rich in Vocals, Fat baselines, swinging rhythms and Live Guitars, with special emphasis on strong emotions and inspirational melodies, a wonderful dancing experience ready to burst out into the world wide progressive trance scene.

In simple words: Sexy, Groovy, and FAT! Breathe In is a great opportunity for all of us to let new music into our ears, and allow new musicians into our hearts. So take a deep breath and join us at FreeAnce's proud lucky 7th release: AirNaN - Breathe In.


1. Breathe In2. Electric Voice3. DreamCatcher - (Airnan Rmx)4. Dark Enlightened - (feat.Oran)5. Rocket6. Not Afraid - (Album Edit)7. Disco Time - (vs Loopus in Fabula)8. Electro Fever - (vs Synesthesia)9. Ask The Right Questions - (Airnan Rmx)10. Breathe Out