Aho - Ancient Tribes


New Sounds are coming, new feelings arriving...Fresh and modern sounds of progressive psytrance from the heart, spirit and soul.
Antu Records is proud to present the debut Album of Aho, side project of recognized south american artist 'Ital', who had been performing around the world in the mostrecognized festivals and parties in the last years.

This time brings the magic in the music through the progressive sounds, evolving in the development of his creations. Deep and massive grooves, fat bassline, atmospheric and hypnotic pads, dynamic patterns and powerfull riffs, to take you into the trance state. Psychedelic atmospheres of crystal sound.

Smetakiase for all our relations, pecially for progressive lovers, for djs and home listeners, this album will sure be a nice surprise for tranceheads!


1. Inside the soul - (Edit)2. Liquid Vision3. Libertad4. Advanced Energies5. Materializing6. Spirit getting high7. Coihue8. Soldier of Shiva9. Into the forest10. Aural Cleaner

Source: www.psyshop.com