Agneton - Horizon In Your Head (CD)


Agneton - Horizon In Your Head (CD) Phototropic Records is back with another stormer! This time you will be taken by surprise by Belgian talent Agneton.
This album is on the border between Nitzhonot and old/new school Goa-Trance. So expect a super danceable album filled with lots of euphoric, happy melodies and deep uplifting basslines!

Don't hesitate, this is your chance to bring the summer feeling back into your house!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/45

1. Silver Shadow Lifeforms - Agneton
2. Aya 11 - Agneton
3. Last Man In Paradise - Agneton
4. Hoa Nozem - Agneton, Goalien
5. Horizon In Your Head - Agneton
6. Our Sky Is The Mind - Agneton
7. Het Was Zomer - Agneton
8. High On Wire (Agnet's Phoorgoa Rmx) - Hi Phuk
9. De Sterrenreiziger - Agneton