Aerospace - Stereo Flip (CD)


Aerospace - Stereo Flip (CD) Spin Twist is proud to present the 4th Aerospace album ''Stereo Flip''. Considering that first Aerospace tracks appeared not before 2005 but nowadays this name has already become a major reference for top-notch Progressive Trance might surprise a little bit. But a closer look at the history of this artist reveals a musical background that is unparalleled: 37-year-old Guy Youngman from Israel got in touch with the Psy Trance scene already in 1995 and instantly got involved as a passionate DJ and producer.

The vast experience with producing Trance music can clearly be heard on this already fourth Aerospace album. It is not only some recent tracks strung together but rather a real concept: The atmospheric bandwidth reaches from playful experimental tracks that quote subtle elements from Electro and Progressive House to bouncing dance floor bangers with truly psychotropic qualities. Aiming the body with pumping bass lines and forcing rhythm structures and teasing the mind with spaced-out sound effects and dreamy melody lines this album always keeps a perfect balance between mental and physical effects.

True to the motto of Spintwist Records this one was made for all original Progressive lovers!
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Jul. 2009/32

1. Computer Music - AEROSPACE
2. Dangerous Toys - AEROSPACE
3. Stereo Flip - AEROSPACE
4. Security Risk - AEROSPACE
5. Deep Throat - (Aerospace rmx)MOTION DRIVE
6. Earth Remix - AEROSPACE
7. Crime Time - AEROSPACE
8. Hollywood - AEROSPACE
9. Happy Thoughts - AEROSPACE
10. Afterglow - AEROSPACE