Abakus - We Share The Same Dreams (CD)


Abakus - We Share The Same Dreams (CD) Abakus is one of the projects from Russ Davies. The son of The Kinks founder Dave Davies, Russ has always been exposed to strong musical roots, citing Acid House, IDM, Dub and Electronica as influences.
His first album 'That Much Closer To The Sun' was released in 2004 and was a success globally. He has toured the world extensively with his sound, has licensed music to over 30 albums, and has worked on mixes for The Orb, Roxy Music, Gypsy Kings and The Perishers, to name a few.

Abakus' music is awash with exuberant melodies and hooks, combining music genres to defy pigeonholing. Russell has always played the guitar and deftly fuses song-writing ideas into his electronic music. A central feature of the music is its strong melodic thread. The second album is called 'We share the same dreams' and it is the culmination of many years' experience on music for TV, collaborations, remixing, engineering and production for a variety of projects.

Style: Ambient
Released: Nov. 2008/45

1. We share the same dreams (Intro) 
2. Sliding SH 
3. Daybreak 
4. Angel Dust 
5. Understated 
6. Culture is not your friend 
7. Excession 
8. Deun Deu 
9. The only life we've known 
10. Lost in the woods 
11. Crystal Vision 
12. Opal Fountain 
13. How does it feel to be real?

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