A.P.E. - Advanced Psychedelic Energy (CD)


A.P.E. - Advanced Psychedelic Energy (CD) A.P.E. aka Eran Aharoni presents his long awaited debut full length mega blaster album self entitled 'Advanced Psychedelic Energy'. His music can be described as a fun filled ride through the densest packed regions of deep outer space while spinning fast amidst the roller coasters and thickly clustered ganglions of the enlightened mental state achieved by taking a hit of this full power and strongly addicting concoction.
Each track has been carefully crafted to contain all the right elements of dance floor explosions, strong leads and hooks, ferocious and funky bass lines all wrapped up in a unique style of highly refined yet dripping with scratchy, crunchy and raw, highly advanced psychedelic energy in all the right doses. The theme of this memorable and poignant epic is Illumination (of the mind) and that is the title track as well!.

Following this is an enlightening look into the methods being used to dominate our planet with hints of how to break free. Then we take a quick travel to the stars in our galaxy blasting right through Cosmic Storms along the way. Having charged ourselves full of mental electricity we dig deep in our Electro Magnetic Stashbag for the key to freeing the planets population from the Illuminati's Blueprints Of Global Enslavement.

Then back to deep space to continue our cosmic journey. Our brave pilot, Eran is a dedicated and gifted musician (and Psychonaut) who as youth of 12 was turned on early to the sounds of goa and hard core underground techno and when given a gift of a synthesizer at only 15 he instantly fell in love with the art form thus beginning his career creating intense and powerful psychedelic electronic music. Now days Eran is booked constantly across the planet under his project title A.p.e. playing both memorable and electrifying live PA and DJ sets to packed dance floors in clubs, underground events and outdoor festivals.

Currently Eran's style is a mixture of full on and dark trance with a touch of dandb / Techno. A.P.E.'s discography spans releases with many leading psytrance labels including: Doof, Shiva Space Japan, Geomagnetic, Ketuh, Spontaneous Aerobics, MoonSun, Inner Sound, Plutonic, Dacru-Rudrakesh and many more unforgettable hit tracks in the pipeline so stay tuned and check the site!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Oct. 2008/41

1. Illumination - A.P.E
2. Fuck the codex alimentarius! - A.P.E
3. Electric fury - A.P.E
4. Travel to the stars - A.P.E, Lagun
5. Cosmic Storms - A.P.E
6. Electricity on demand - A.P.E
7. Electro magnetic stashbag - A.P.E
8. Blueprints of global enslavement - A.P.E
9. Traveling the cosmos (Album rmx) - A.P.E

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