ABDCTN - New Atlantis (CD)


ABDCTN - New Atlantis (CD) Abdctn debut album is a culmination of over 4 years of metabolic transformations and grand scheme space born downloads synthepsysed into a freak tastic boom-bastic orgas-mastic psychic brain probe that re-awakens you to your past and future lives in the city of Atlantis!

Drenched with Bass, Laden with glitch, saturated by dubstep, immersed in IDMaddness, composed of Trip Hopian mentalities and finely tuned with an ear for dance floor oblivion this shameless exposition of the inner souls of the West Coast American youth and all wrapped up in a cosmic package of self prophetic proportions suddenly the light shines down from above and beams you to the Alien operating tables.

Pump up your gyrations to 145 blistering BPMs of Break Beat mayhem while you get teleported to the other psyde of the Kaosmos. Abdctn is Jeremiah Allen Welch and John Adam Espinoza, collaborating since 2007. Jeremiah is a conceptual visionary artist and producer who was raised in the entertainment industry and John is a professional audio engineer who has been a part of many bands and music projects since 2003. Their influence is both audio and visual, a mix of visionary art and cutting edge electronic music spanning many genres from trance to hip hop, downtempo to psychedelic breaks. Abdctn is now residing in San Francisco, CA putting all of their energy into making Abdctn a fully interactive experience which stimulates all the senses. Currently abducting your eyes and ears with a combination of live painting and live pa, Abdctn blurs the boundaries between art and music. Currently accepting all applications for Abdctz.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Sep. 2009/36

1. New Atlantis2. Of the Abyss3. Capsule4. Aphrodte5. Sentient6. Oceanus7. Float8. PSI9. Spacious10. Submerge -

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