2Minds - Anomaly (CD)


'Anomaly' is their long expected fully featured studio album release and we here at ALL Records find it hard to describe our excitement of it. 'Anomaly' is a clear example for the known saying 'Good things come to those who wait', a mature and solid creation which just stands out from ALL the rest.
The stage name 2Minds, as the name clearly implies, was derived from the aggregation of 2Creative Minds, brothers in Blood, Shauli and Miki Ifrah.

2Minds take us on an enchanting infinite expedition, perfectly orchestrated seemingly leading us through one colorful and rich story to another.

This is an album with Aheart, Abody and Asoul, true and authentic, the ultimate showcase of Psychedelic/Goa Trance music, sound which brings back the essence of Psy Trance music.


1. Eat Dust 
2. Anomaly 
3. Sun after clouds 
4. Arturia 
5. Mind Bender 
6. Back in time 
7. 6 feet under 
8. Before the digital 
9. Muezzin

Source: www.psyshop.com