2012Conection - Time 4 Revolution (CD)


2012Conection - Time 4 Revolution (CD) The brand new label Digitalfrequenz Records is proud to present the debut album of 2012Conection.Fresh, new and unique.The german based Duoproject 2012Conection release his debut album 'Time 4 Revolution' and the name of this CD is fact!
Markus Engl and Soeren Splitt invite you to an journey of morningrevolution with 10 Tracks. Full of rolling basses, an melodical focus, a lot of organic instruments and an great recall value. Its time for new psychedelic Sound creating from 2 musicians. A oldtimer and an newcomer... This Sound is produce with soul to give music lovers the way to lift up body and mind!


1. Soundscape 
2. The Maya Meeting 
3. Sun and Soul 
4. Here we are 
5. Desert Flute 
6. Polar Dance 
7. Conversation 
8. Planet Earth 
9. White Rabbit 
10. Psycho Akustik

Source: www.psyshop.com