01-N - Raison D'Etre


Goa Records presents the new full length artist album from O1-N an artist who has released many tracks with the label on compilations and digital EPs.
Raison D'Etre is a blasting journey full of classic goa and uplifting trance, melodies and acid lines with pounding kick and bass all put together for each tracks amazing story. Listening to the album all the way through you feel the passion and meaning put behind each song fitting so much with the theme of the whole album, music being a reason for existence.

01-N is Takashi Oikawa from Tokyo, Japan.

He is at the forefront of a wave of new young psychedelic music producers in Japan's growing psytrance music scene. Working as a professional 'ghost song writer' for famous Japanese pop music, his true passion is producing Goa and Psychedelic Trance.

Over the last 2 years 01-N has become well known in the Japanese scene, having played prolifically at open air festivals and club events around the Tokyo area. His style is Goa Trance, similar to the sound of early Hallucinogen. As you can imagine, his melodies are twisted and uplifting and his tracks are beautifully made.

Get ready for 'Goa Bliss' from an artist about to break onto the scene in a big way!


1. Magnetoencephalography 
2. Reflex 
3. Delirium Ritual 
4. Casimir Effect 
5. Proserpina 
6. Vimanika Shastra 
7. Resting Membrane Potential 
8. Ascension Stage 
9. Civilize

Source: www.psyshop.com