00.db - Angels and Demons (2CD)


Angels and Demons is the latest release from duo 00.db and is the third album collaboration between UK electronica stalwart John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blonde, aka Ricky Smith.
Released on John's own label, J00F Recordings, 'Angels and Demons' showcases a musical diversity across two discs in an unconfined deep progressive, trance inspired journey which continues the evolution of 00.db's earlier works 'Heaven and Hell'.

In an era of ghost writers and cliched samples every track on 'Angels and Demons' is brand new and encapsulates 00.db's song writing, partnering, engineering and production skills in an artist album that is a one hundred percent self creation.

With a completely different to approach to making music than everyone else in the trance scene John says, 'We're from a generation of producers who create our own sounds from scratch. Ricky and I create each and every sound ourselves making our tracks unique to us. We don't use sample libraries or pre-set sound banks'.

Angels and Demons stands alone in a genre saturated by repetition and patterned songs which lack flavour.

'Angels and Demons' personifies a serious, more pure version of the trance genre and varies between a very deep and progressive 125 beats per minute up to a full on pounding 145 bpm.

Like the previous album, 'Angels and Demons' second disc is pure emotive chill out. It's a movie length emotional musical odyssey in which we set out to write one chill track, not realising it would run for one hour! It really embodies us as producers and demonstrates another side to what we can do away from dance music.


1. Dying Isis 
2. Mejarka 
3. Angel 
4. Keymentia 
5. Timelapser 
6. Dharker 
7. Inka 
8. Sidewinder 
9. Amanitas 
10. Orphius 
11. Hallucia 
12. Lullaby 
13. The Dewberry Tree 
14. Dune Hell 
15. Spectra 
16. Luma 
17. Melatron

Source: www.psyshop.com