Neo Vox biography

Last update: 2008-02-10 15:39:47

Neo Vox is formed by two insane dreamers from Brazil.
Felipe Gomes Pereira was listening to different styles of eletronic music since 1995. In 2001 he listened to techno, acid techno and hard techno and now he had found out another passion, psytrance. He went deep in it searching for all well known acts by the time and then the unknown acts too. He always liked more obscure themes and extreme music, no matter what style.

Joao Paulo Bruno aka Bruno D. has started to work with music in 1995 as a hip-hop dj, around 2001 Bruno meets the psychedelic trance and he decides to turn up his career as a psychedelic trance dj. B.D. has had many different mind tripping influences until now, lately for instance, minimal techno/house.

So what happened here folks was that these two guys wanted more than common sounds and ready-to-sell music. They went from party to party, weekend after weekened, listening to the same tracks being played over and over and they were really getting tired of it. They decided to left the pop mainstream brazilian psytrance party scene behind them and engaged the pursuit for a new psychedelic extreme style. Their first influence were the Russian psy artists and they started to develop their own style producing music together as Neo Vox in late 2003.


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