Aural Planet biography

Last update: 2008-04-10 16:24:56

Aural Planet is a polish act found in Wroclaw by four musicians: Jacek Dojwa, Konrad Gmurek, Radoslaw Kochman and Adam Skorupa. They produce music in a wide range of styles, including IDM/experimental (5 Ex Engine and Reworked) and chilled psychedelic trance sounds which can be heard clearly in their Acoustic Plantation Releases (Chilling Cuts Vol. 1) album. They also have goa trance (Part: Second) and ambient-trance (debut album Lightflow) works.

The group released their debut album - Lightflow in 1997 on Silver Shark. Second album - Part: Second was released by Adam's own label Planet Recs in 2000. Third album - 5 Ex Engine came out in 2002 on Vivo Recs. Fourth album - Power Liquids vs UK act Divinorum was released by Lynne Music in 2003. Fifth album - Acoustic Plantation Releases (Chilling Cuts Vol.1) was released on Flow Recs in 2004. Sixth album - Reworked (contains remixes by Aes Dana, Crankshaft, Ingarden, Itoa, ManMadeMan) was released on Vivo Recs in 2004.

Aural Planet tracks were also featured on compilations : Techno Trip vol.1 (Poland), Cyber Music Against Racism (Poland), Cyberlogik by TRSI Recs (Austria), Meltdown Files by Norske Graam (Norway), Audiophonik by Imphobia (Belgium), Exposure (UK), Snowsession by Pomaton EMI (Poland), Global Psychedelic Chillout vol. 4 by Spirit Zone Recs (Germany), Fahrenheit Project Part 4 by Ultimae (France), Floating Point 02 by Iboga Recs (Denmark) and Fahrenheit Project Part 5 by Ultimae (France), Aural Planet music has also been used in more than 30 games / multimedia programs.


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