Alpha and Omega biography

Last update: 2008-02-19 15:33:54

Much has changed since Alpha & Omega released their debut album Daniel In The Lions' Den in 1990. Alpha and Omega, have helped forge a new genre of uniquely British roots-based music, with Massive Attack, trip-hop and jungle at one end of the spectrum, and rave music, On-U Sound and ambient acts like The Orb at the other.
In between are the heady sounds of Alpha & Omega themselves whose music itself helps define new territory. Slipping as easily into the home hi-fi as the ultimate 'chilled', meditational dub, or to be heard thundering out of the more orthodox reggae sound-systems like the mighty Jah Shaka, whose enduring support has made Alpha & Omega firm favorites among the roots fraternity.
A&O's often eerie use of keyboards, melodica and studio effects lends their music a subtlety rarely encountered in contemporary music. Within these mesmerising grooves lies a wordless message that's every bit as urgent and compelling as the one passed down by their Jamaican reggae mentors.
Whilst the sounds Alpha & Omega produce could accurately be described as 'restless, raw and unapologetic' a few years back, there's an additional flair and strength of purpose to what they're doing now.
The driving force behind their heavy-duty rhythms is unquenchable and they should at last begin to reap the wider recognition due to them...


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