Acan biography

Last update: 2008-03-01 23:03:37

Acan`s history goes back to the early ninetees, when he was one of the first DJs who brought Trance-music to Austria. After being resident at Club Shambhala - Vienna`s finest club those days, he appeared europewide for the first time in summer 1997 as he played in Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Germany and the Boom!-Festival in Portugal.

In winter 1998 he toured in Asia and spread his vibes at parties in Taiwan, Japan, Bali, India. Coming back with lots of inspiration Acan toured again through Europe in summer (Belgrade, Switzerland, Italy, Kroatia) and expanded his activity for electronic lifestyle by promoting parties under the synonym "Suntribe-Events". With their high quality parties, Suntribe quickly became the main organisation promoting modern Trance in Austria, inviting the most outstanding acts of the Trancescene to Vienna. With his highly appreciated freestyle-set at Solipse 1999 Acan showed his love for alternative electronic music for the first time to the global scene.

In 2002 he started his own label Synergetic Records, on which he presents his taste of electronic music and his unique Dj- and Producerstyle.

Nowadays Acan can provide a selective range of electronic music styles ranging from deep and funky Progressive Trance to Downtempo and Triphop. He plays weekly all over Europe and appears regularly at the big Trance-Festivals (Boom 2000, Morocco 2001, Solipse 2001, Lovefield-Festival Germany, Samothrakidancefestival).

Acan can be regarded as one of the main protagonists for Progressive Trance in Austria and enjoys a great reputation within the global scene.


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