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40%, Omri Harpaz AKA Omi was born in 1977 in Israel. Throughout his early childhood years Omi was allured and fascinated with music. As a music enthusiast Omi developed a drive to explore his enthrallment towards general music. Eventually, Omi experimented throughout many genres of music ranging from heavy metal to punk, new age and garage. By the age of 15 Omi discovered electronic music which immediately captivated him. It was shortly after attending a trance party when Omi began his quest to conquer electronic music. He began to DJ & perform throughout Israel and soon enough his name was widely spoken among party people as one of the best djs around.

The rumor about Omis talent and unique style had also been recognized overseas and within short time, Omi received invitation to perform all over the globe, including Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, USA, Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Belgrade and more. Omi performed in various kinds of events ranging from small underground parties to massive world renowned festivals. After DJing for several years Omi reached a stage in his life where he felt the need to rise. That rise lead Omis creative insight and imagination into the world of music production.

Throughout his early production days, Omi produced under the name of "Digital Manta". During this period Omis main influence and style was progressive trance. Digital Manta released several tracks with major labels such as MDMA and Vision Quest. After mastering the art of producing Omi once again decided to ascent and formed his current live act and producing alias as "40%". 40% is mainly influenced by the rapid changes in the trance scene and is geared more towards the full side of trance music.

40% music cannot be pointed down as a specific type of trance as it has much diversity and is a very unique style in the trance scene. 40% had many releases with some of the best electronic labels all over the world including TIP World, Chemical Crew, Third Eye , Spliff Music, Sirius, Moonspirit, Crystal Matrix and others. During the year of 2004, 40% compiled a compilation for Sirius, a label based in Tokyo Japan. The name of this compilation is Transparent Image and was recognized a major success internationally.

Leading the role of a DJ, Performer and Producer, Omi collaborated with various world reputed artists within the trance community including: Skazi, Joti, Paul taylor, Blt, Exaile, Paranormal Attack, Beat on Fobia , Rocky and many more. Stay connected as 40% continues to strive towards domination with upcoming releases in the near days ahead.

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