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Last update: 2008-07-16 14:14:32

If anyone's going to win an award for the hardest working man in Drum & Bass, it'll probably be Pascal. One of the original True Playaz / Ganja Kru alongside long time business partner DJ Hype, Pascal helped found and establish an empire that reaches into every corner of the globe. As director and label manager of the newly formed Real Playaz company (Playaz/Ganja/Frontline/Ganja-Tek/LiqWeed-Ganja), Pascal has seen through a venture that every fan of bass-heavy dance music can appreciate, and as his residency at London superclub Fabric proves, he's still got what it takes to rock a party with a massive bag full of Playaz, Frontline and Ganja dubplates!

Choosing to take a step back from the studio and concentrate on the business end of things, Pascal's love for smashing up dancefloors has never diminished and you can still catch him travelling the world and showing hordes of D&B lovers just what he can do with a pair of Technics. Not that the Playaz boss has abandoned production completely, we hear he's managing to squeeze a few long anticipated projects in between his incredibly hectic schedule! Don't miss your chance to check the latest in disgusting bassline and ultra-tight beat action, get Pascal to your party soon.

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