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Real name Martijn Deykers.
Years ago, Martyn got seriously involved in music through his love for hiphop and house/techno out of Chicago and Detroit. When exposed to drum ?n bass in 1995, he was destined to take things further musically and build up a career in dj'ing, producing and promoting. As a founding member of the Red Zone collective, Martyn brought the city of Eindhoven (Holland) a range of quality drum n bass nights, with himself as a resident together with Nymfo, Pressure & mc Jay. Since its kick off in 1998, the Red Zone events have grown to become amongst the most influential dnb nights on the continent, and nominated for Best Night at the Dutch DNB Awards three years in a row.

Besides promoting, Martyn has established himself as a DJ (previously he was known as dj Pan). Over the years, he has played at a wide range of venues in the country as well as abroad (UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Luxemburg, France), as well as various radio appearances such as bbc 1Xtra, KoolFM London, Studio Brussels (Belgian national radio), 3Voor12 (Dutch national radio) and his monthly ?Inside the Red Zone? show on His vision on dnb is starting to reflect not only in his dj'ing, but in production as well. Nowadays, his music is played by various top dj's such as Fabio, Doc Scott, Digital, Flight, Marcus Intalex, Lee, Fierce and D-Bridge on both radio and live gigs. Martyn has tracks signed to Digital?s L-Plates imprint and dutch label Avalanche. First releases are "Get Down / Can't Control" on Marcus Intalex? Revolve:R and "Nxt 2 U / Deepwood" as the first release on Dj Flight's new label Play:musik.


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