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Last update: 2008-02-10 15:54:09

The Insiders aka Ben Payne and Joe Wills have been making drum n bass beats in their Bristol hometown for around six years. Previously they have released material on Renegade, Defunked, 31 Records, Creative Source and Nu Directions, with the massive 'Feel the Music' kicking off their careers around 2002.

Their next single is for Crisis (Horizons Music), featuring 'Zero Degrees'. After this they will release 'Infinite in all Directions' on Nu Directions, an 80 minute mix CD of new and back cat material. Ben and Joe have also recently signed material to Artificial Intelligence's new label Integral, with work in progress for Creative Source, Spearhead and with vocalist Ayah. Look out for a couple of sneaky VIP's of their own tunes appearing in DJ sets of which will see the light of day on Renegade sometime soon! Then there is the much-hyped 'Meltdown' due on Metalheadz soon, one of The Insiders' biggest tracks, no doubt. They also have plans to start their own label later in the year.

On the DJ front they have just returned from the USA, where they embarked on a 2 week long tour taking dates in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago amongst others. Previous gigs have been performed in Japan, Norway, Poland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. Several of these have been with Good Looking as part of the legendary Progression Sessions tours.


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