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Been making Drum & Bass as Heist for about 4 years now and I've been DJing 13 years. I also make tunes under the alias Strider for Valve, Test and Beatz and my own label Co Lab. Have released tracks on labels like MetalHeadz, Co lab, Play Musik, Grid, Horizons Music, Beatz, Creative Source, Calypso Musak and Mac 2 Recordings. I also have forthcoming music on Full Cycle, Metal Headz, Valve, Digital Sound Boy, Rufige, Grid, Co lab, Calypso, Creative Source, Liq weed Ganja and more...... Recently had alot of my music played on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra by Dj's like Bailey, GrooveRider, Fabio, DJ Flight, Goldie, Krust, TC, L Double, Sappo, DJ Hype and Ray Keith (Kiss 100 FM) and Bryan G (Ministry of sound radio). I've also done 2 small Interveiw's with knowledge magazine and ATM, and interveiwed live on ministry of sound radio with Bryan G and 1 Xtra with Bailey.

More Recently I have joined Forces with Goldie. We have been working hard in the studio as Rufige Kru and have completed the new Rufige kru album, and It's Called 'Malice in wonderland'. Tracks include Malice in wonderland (played by Mary Anne Hobbs) Scar (being championed by the mighty Bailey), Special Request (Total Science Favourite), Monkey boy (Getting massive support from Groove Rider, Krust and fabio), Pest control, Grouper and Infamous and many more. The Album is due April

source: www.colabrecordings.co.uk


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