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E-Z Rollers formed in 1994 from Alex (Hyperon Experience) and Jay (JMJ + Richie).The lady roller, vocalist Kelly, joined shortly after. Originally signed to Moving Shadow Records releasing 3 artist albums (Dimensions Of Sound, Weekend World, Titles Of The Unexpected) 4 compilations (Storm From The East 1 and 2, Drunfunk Hooligans 1 and 2) while having music in video games, tv and adverts. Had a Top 20 UK hit with Walk This Land which also featured in the movie Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. E-Z Rollers label Intercom Recordings was created in 1998. Intercom has released various singles, 2 compilations (Lickable Beats 1 and 2) and has two sub labels New Skool Blazers and Hard Pressed. 2007 saw Intercom release E-Z Rollers fourth artist album entitled Conductor.


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